Bookkeeping Services

$75 per hour

Training & Instruction

$100 per hour

Nonprofit Consulting

$150 per hour

You can be certain your work is being completed in a budget-conscious, efficient manner by a bookkeeper with decades of experience. Work is billed monthly at a set hourly rate so invoices are fair and predictable. 

Do you bill flat rates? No, not at this time. My clients have found they benefit from hourly rates - they get the extra help when they are most busy, but don't pay for work they don't need during slower periods. Whether you need 15 minutes or have a major project, your bookkeeping will receive the same care and attention in a timely manner.

Do you offer nonprofit discounts? As a small business, Brown Cat's rates are carefully calculated to cover expenses. Nonprofit bookkeeping has been my specialty for most of my career, so my nonprofit clients benefit from years of learning and hands-on experience. My clients usually save money after I review their books and make suggestions. I am truly excited about the missions of my nonprofit clients and love to spread the word about their work, attend events, volunteer, feature them on social media, and write off time whenever I am able to.  

How do I know what I need and how much it may cost? I offer free consultations. Let's sit down and discuss your business's needs. If you want to continue taking care of tasks you know how to do, I can supplement your efforts. Too busy or just don't want to deal with any of your bookkeeping? That's okay too! I tailor my work around your business and your workflow. 

Do you offer other administrative services? When part-time help is available, Brown Cat offers administrative services at $35/hour. This can include scanning, filing, organization, digital files cleanup, and proofreading. If you have a project coming up, let's chat about it and we will do our best to line up support for you. 

Brown Cat Bookkeeping - a partner in your success